REVLEX® Muscle Pain Relief is specially formulated to help deliver the necessary ingredients, Magnesium and Histamine to the affected muscles. For a muscle to function, there are 2 necessary ingredients: Calcium to initiate and sustain contraction and Magnesium to initiate and maintain relaxation.

Magnesium exerts more than one function;

  • Allows the muscle to relax. When applied to the area, REVLEX® is provides the magnesium needed to competitively inhibit the action of Calcium thus causing the muscle to relax.
  • Inhabits the pain signals by blocking the peripheral NMDA receptors. Activated NMDA receptors are responsible for transmitting the pain signal to the central nervous system.
  • Blocks the contraction signals from the nerve motor end plate, a main contributor in occurrence of muscle spasms.
  • Increases blood supply to the area by blocking the vascular calcium channels.

Histamine has a direct vasodilating effect on blood vessels, that combined with Magnesium, as in the  REVLEX® Muscle Pain Relief formulation, provide pain relief.