There are simple changes in your life that can make a significant impact on helping with muscle pain such as:

  • Be mindful of your basic body posture
  • Be gentle on your muscles. Use them but don’t abuse them! No pain means no gain isn’t always true… especially where your muscles are concerned. The challenge is to learn how to do what one needs and wants to do, in new ways that do not exceed the tolerance or stamina of the muscles.
  • Everything is connected…so it’s important to treat existing conditions that can affect your posture such as flat feet or a tilted pelvic.
  • Remember to stretch… daily! Tight muscles can often result in muscle pain and can cause it to get worst. A tight hamstring may tilt your pelvis and flatten the lumbar spine which can induce a head-forward posture, placing undue stress other muscles compensating to correct this posture.
  • Move! It’s been documented that immobility builds up muscle tension, so it’s important to keep moving!
  • Acute muscle pain syndromes can become chronic pain through failure to resolve the acute problem promptly.