My trouble sleeping is only occasional?


Having trouble falling to sleep isn’t unusual from time to time. A sleep aid like REVLEX® Sleep Time can help with the occasional sleepless nights. If sleeplessness is more common, lasting for weeks or longer, a sleep aid may help but it won’t solve the underlying cause of your sleepless nights. To ensure that you’re [...]

My trouble sleeping is only occasional?2020-09-17T11:11:08-04:00

How can I sleep better doing shift-work?


Shift-workers can have a very difficult time finding enough hours in the day to sleep. Never mind not having a regular schedule like most others, trying to sleep when it’s light out is just unnatural for most of us. If your shift-work is making it harder to sleep, there are some things you can do. [...]

How can I sleep better doing shift-work?2020-09-17T11:10:44-04:00

My leg movements are keeping me awake.


Periodic leg movements during sleep (PLMS) and restless legs syndrome (RLS) can be problematic to a good night’s sleep. If you have either of these syndromes, you are probably experience uncomfortable feelings in your legs that can actually get worse when you are still; especially at night. If you haven’t been diagnosed, you may want [...]

My leg movements are keeping me awake.2020-09-17T11:12:51-04:00

Why can’t I fall asleep earlier?


Getting a good night sleep by trying to fall asleep earlier may sound like a responsible thing to do but it probably won’t help. Trying to sleep when you’re not tired may actually lead to more difficulty in falling asleep. Your circadian rhythm, the human bodies built in clock, runs on cycle that is pretty [...]

Why can’t I fall asleep earlier?2020-09-17T11:12:29-04:00

Is there anything wrong with napping?


Most adult shouldn’t need a nap during the day. If you’re having trouble sleeping at night, day napping may be part of your problem. To avoid sleepless nights, focus on having a regular regimen instead of a scattered collection of naps and sleep. A sleep-aid like REVLEX® Sleep Time will help you sleep at night [...]

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How long does falling asleep take?


It can take between 10-20 minutes for most people to fall asleep on a normal night. If you’re having trouble falling asleep and find yourself lying in bed waiting for it to come, you may just need to do something relaxing, like read a book, until you feel sleepy. Avoid becoming anxious about your sleeplessness [...]

How long does falling asleep take?2020-09-17T11:09:06-04:00

How much sleep should I get?


Not all people have the same sleep needs. We’re all different and our needs could be a result of our age, health, genetics or other factor. Typically, most of us need between 6 to 9 hours of sleep every night to feel well rested and alert the next day. If you wake up feeling groggy [...]

How much sleep should I get?2020-08-26T22:37:10-04:00
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