About Cura Health

Proudly delivering health to Canada

Cura Health is a Canadian owned and operated pharmaceutical company headquartered in Oakville, Ontario. We pride ourselves on developing and marketing quality Muscle Pain Relief, Arthritis Pain Relief, and Sleep Aid, over the counter (OTC) products; for all Canadians across the country.

Our health products are regularly tested by independent laboratories, to certify that they are of the highest quality. It is our primary objective to ensure that all Cura Health pharmaceutical products meet the highest levels of efficacy, safety, and are in compliance with federal health standards and regulations.

Helping you move about your day – naturally!

Through the combination of proven science and naturally occurring ingredients that work, Cura Health delivers relief from muscle pain, arthritis pain and rest from sleepless nights.

By using naturally active ingredients, Cura Health can provide a safe and proven tolerable solution to your pain or sleeplessness without the risk of addiction, contraindications or negative interactions with any other medications you may be taking.

Our Mission

At Cura Health, our mission is to care and provide for customers suffering from muscle pain, arthritis pain, and sleepless nights. We develop, test, and successfully market innovative products that provide long-term relief to enhance the quality of life of our customers.