REVLEX® Muscle Pain Relief

REVLEX® Muscle Pain Relief


Don’t let muscle pain cramp your day

REVLEX® Muscle Pain Relief’s patented absorption technology helps to relieve your aches and pains in muscles, joints and soft tissues (tendons and ligaments). REVLEX® tackles pain trigger points to provide truly effective relief. A naturally acting, odorless roll-on liquid, REVLEX® Muscle Pain Relief is available in a non-greasy and easy to apply roll-on. Our patented formula is clinically proven to provide quick relief of muscle aches and pains—and get you moving about your day.



How It Works

Innovative ingredients keep your muscles moving

REVLEX® uses an innovative combination of ingredients to relieve the pain caused by irritated trigger points in your muscles. REVLEX® Muscle Pain Relief improves your blood flow, helps your muscles relax, and gives you relief from muscle pain so you can move about your day.

REVLEX® with its unique absorption technology provides relief

REVLEX® patent delivery system coupled with its unique formulation penetrates the layers of the skin, reaching the pain area at its source. The innovative combination of ingredients increases blood flow to allow muscle to recover and relax, providing fast acting relief.

The REVLEX® technology allows for deep penetration, reaching the root cause of the pain to provide relief where it counts the most.

REVLEX® your day to keep the muscle pain away

There are many ways we can experience pain. Your pain may be muscular if your pain area is larger than the palm of your hand; if your pain increases with movement or if you experience restrictive range of movement or muscle weakness. Your muscle pain onset may be gradual or sudden.

Whether you experience muscle numbness, muscle tingling sensations, or a deep, dull ache REVLEX® can provide relief.

There are several causes for your muscle pain where REVLEX® can help including:

  • Falls and accidents
  • Sudden movements (e.g. whiplash injuries)
  • Muscle strain from poor posture (e.g. slouching)
  • Remaining in the same position for extended periods (e.g. sedentary position at work)
  • High demand motor tasks (e.g. exercising, gardening, computer or texting tasks)


REVLEX® Muscle Pain Relief is formulated to relieve muscle pain in most susceptible areas including back, neck, and shoulder. It also relieves muscle and joint pain, and strains and sprains (muscles, tendons, ligaments).

Contraindications and drug interactions

REVLEX® Muscle Pain Relief does not have Contraindications and will not interact with any other medications you may be taking.

Active ingredients

Histamine Dihydrochloride 0.025% (Topical Analgesic)

Inactive ingredients

Alcohol, Aqua/water/Eau, BHT, Magnesium Chloride,
Oleth-2, Oleth-10, Phosphatidylcholine, Propylene
Glycol, Sodium Metabisulfite, Sodium Ascorbate

Directions for use

  • For adults, and children 2 years or older: apply a thin layer of REVLEX® evenly to the affected area 2-4 times daily (refer to relief zone diagram).
  • To avoid itching due to dry skin, moisturize application area prior to using REVLEX®.
  • Always read and follow the label to ensure this product is right for you.
  • Place in your medicine cabinet or carry with you on the go.


Application Zones

Target the right trigger point for your pain.

Often, the area of muscle pain is regional and affects an area larger than your hand. For effective relief of muscle pain, it’s critical to treat the trigger point(s) as well as the functional muscle group(s) to which it belongs.



Treatment Comparatives

REVLEX® Muscle Pain Relief is formulated to get you moving

REVLEX® is formulated to move fast so you can move about your day sooner. Because it’s a topical roll-on, REVLEX® is easily applied directly to the source of your muscle pain for quick targeting of your trigger points.

When compared to leading Muscle Pain Relief ointments and pills, REVLEX® takes first in first-line treatment. There are several topical analgesics and pills to choose from but they don’t all provide the same muscle relief and convenience of REVLEX®.

Look and compare. Only REVLEX® provides quick, clean and risk free roll-on relief right at the source of your muscle pain.


Compare REVLEX® Muscle Pain Relief to analgesic pills


Analgesic Pills

Medicine applied directly at source of pain
Has an active ingredient for pain relief
Has no side-effects on stomach, kidneys or liver
Tackles underlying cause of pain instead of treating symptoms Some pills
Does not cause drowsiness Some pills

Compare REVLEX® Muscle Pain Relief to other topical pain relievers


Other Topical

Odourless non-messy, easy to use roll-on
Non-sticky Some ointments
Tackles underlying cause of pain instead of treating symptoms
Does not cause significant skin irritations Some ointments


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How REVLEX® helps people move about their day

“For a long time I used other chilli pepper products for my muscle pain but my friend recommended this to me. Honestly I’m shocked at how fast it actually worked and actually got rid of my knots. My chiropractor even noticed I feel less tight when I use it. Its finally gotten rid of the neck pain I’ve had for ages. TY! Will repurchase. This ACTUALLY worked!”

R. Zambo

“Quick relief! I have been using REVLEX® for well over a year now. It is a very good accompaniment to my pain meds. I use it on sore muscles on an as needed basis.”
Reviewed in Canada on August 15, 2019


“My son came over and I asked him if he wanted to try it because his joints always hurt, especially on his hand. He put some on and we visited and by the time he was heading home he asked for the extra bottle I got. He said for the first time in a year his hands didn’t hurt. It works and I’m impressed.”
Reviewed in Canada on June 15, 2019

Amazon Customer


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