• Stop arthritis pain seizing your day

    REVLEX® Arthritis Pain Relief’s patented absorption technology helps you move past your pain. A naturally acting odourless roll on, REVLEX® Arthritis Pain Relief is formulated to minimize burning and irritation. Available in a non-greasy and easy to apply roll-on, our patented formula is clinically proven to provide quick relief of arthritis aches and pains – and get you moving about your day.

    Get moving with rapid pain relief

    High strength capsaicin has been shown to provide rapid pain relief (48% reduction in pain levels) after only 2 days of regular use (vs. 2-4 weeks in regular strength capsaicin products)*
  • Don’t let muscle pain cramp your day

    REVLEX® Muscle Pain Relief’s patented absorption technology helps to relieve your aches and pains in muscles, joints and soft tissues (tendons and ligaments). REVLEX® tackles pain trigger points to provide truly effective relief. A naturally acting, odorless roll-on liquid, REVLEX® Muscle Pain Relief is available in a non-greasy and easy to apply roll-on. Our patented formula is clinically proven to provide quick relief of muscle aches and pains—and get you moving about your day.
  • Don’t let sleepless nights dull your day

    REVLEX® Sleep Time helps you get the rest you need so you can wake up refreshed. Made from a unique combination of Magnesium and Glycine, Sleep Time is a non-habit forming sleep aid you can take daily. Enjoy a good night’s sleep without feeling groggy or drowsy in the morning. The Magnesium helps to calm your nerves, relax muscles, and alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression1-2 while Glycine works to improve your sleep quality, reduce fatigue, and produce a refreshing feeling when you wake3-4. With no major side effects, REVLEX®’s naturally acting formula ensures a restful night so you can move about your day!
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